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Michelle Aston
Rating: 2.4
Review Added: 09-25-2008
Categories: goth
single models
Review: Michelle Aston is a tattooed goth MILF with a mohawk, some piercings and a career in porn - among other things. She's an actress, she's educated and she looks like the kind of woman your parents warned you about. The site currently offers 63 photo galleries, with pics ranging in size from 600x900 to 800x1200 pixels. In some of the shoots, Michelle looks "normal" - these are the shoots where her mohawk is combed over so you can't tell it isn't a mainstream "do" and they cover her tats. In other shoots, she shows her true colors - her tattoos are bright, beautiful and interesting, her clothes and makeup range from the creative to the bizarre.

Michelle Aston's pics are taken by a variety of photographers, so there are many vibes. Some are softer and more erotic, some seem almost amateur, some have a jagged cutting edge to the feel and others are pure glamour. And some are down and dirty.

Members get access to Michelle's galleries, her journal - and this is a real journal written by the real person, not a bs blog written by a hired gun. There's also a link to the Blue Blood forum, where those into goth lifestyles or goth porn can chat.

While the site could use some growth, Michelle Aston delivers a nice collection of photos of Michelle in all sorts of flavors from very punked out to sexy and seductive. There's also some pretty nasty action as well as erotica. And I loved reading Michelle's journal as well as checking out the forum, which will especially entertain goth and alt lifestylers. If you're into sites packed with videos, this may not be the site for you, but if you are a fan of Michelle Aston, love MILFS or tattooed wild goth chicks, this is definitely a site you'll want to check out!
Prices: $19.98 - 30 days recurring
$58.95 - 90 days non recurring
$99.00 - 365 days non recurring
Site Chief Focus: Pictures
Score (out of 5) Description
3.5 Content Quality
The pics here look good, although some don't look great. Overall I was happy with the quality.
2.5 Content Quantity
With 63 photo sets, there's enough to keep members browsing a bit, but the site could use some growth.
2.5 Updates
The site does update maybe every couple weeks or so - not every week, but members do get fresh content.
3.0 Honesty
The tour tells a lot about Michele Aston, which is very cool, but not as much as one might want to know about her site.
3.5 Presentation
Site is clean and easy to navigate, colors and design are hot.
3.0 Value
While the site isn't large, the price is pretty reasonable, the site does update and the content is exclusive.
2.4 Overall
Site rating, not an average.